😱 Menstruation: 5 scary situations
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😱 Menstruation: 5 scary situations

It has happened to all of us at some point that we think we are ready because our red friend is coming to visit us and we have all the kit ready to face her but... Unfortunately she always has the gift of inopportunity and she catches us at that exact moment of low guard.

This situation terrifies us all and today I'm going to show you my 5 most uncomfortable moments and of course, how to avoid them so that it doesn't happen to you. I'm coming to save you!

5 frightening situations during menstruation

1. 😱 Stuck in a meeting.

You've been stuck in a weekly meeting for 45 minutes and you feel like the escape is imminent..... You're just dreading the moment to get up and head to the bathroom....

👇For the next meeting👇



✅For irregular periods

✅Extra protection

✅More comfort


2.😱 In an airbnb.

Great idea, this little Airbnb weekend! But that's not counting your ruler, which stained the sheets of the gorgeous bed you slept in....

👇 For the next weekend👇



✅The comfort of a normal thong

✅Perfect for less intense days


3. 😱 The day of your wedding.

Going around the tables, opening the dance, dancing until dawn, the hassle of going to the bathroom in the white dress.... If we could avoid having to change our tampon every 2 hours, wouldn't it be great?

👇 For the big day 👇.



✅Elegant and discreet

✅Light and abundant flow


4. 😱 Skiing

You've got yourself a warm ski suit to hit the slopes 😎 But what you didn't plan on was having to get naked in the bathrooms to change your compress every 2 hours.

👇 For a skiing trip 👇


✅8H Protection

✅Slim, confident and discreet


5. 😱 On a plane

With a blanket on your lap, a headrest, a night mask and headphones, you've managed to get comfortable... but now it's time to change towels. And you've landed in the worst seat of all: the middle seat....

👇 For the next flight 👇



✅Beautiful and safe

✅All types of flow


We hope we didn't scare you too much, there is an ÖKOVOR panty for every situation but if you need more...here is the whole catalog. Don't be scared again!


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