You are amazing, did you know that?
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You are amazing, did you know that?

According to certain studies, hormonal fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle can increase our cognitive performance (creativity, communication, etc.) tenfold 😮 Enough to turn us into a real Wonder Woman 2.0 if we correctly decipher our body's signals So, are you ready to conquer the world? 💪
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Your 4 unsuspected powers


1.Sensitivity: During menstruation, our attention is at its peak. According to some studies, we are more sensitive to voices and sounds. It's a good time to focus on the information you need to remember and make thoughtful decisions. Some will also notice increased artistic receptivity due to heightened emotional sensitivity during this period (thank your inner hurricane for once 😉 ).

Hey, it's a good time to sort out your closet 😉.


2.Power: After menstruation, energy gradually increases and soon reaches its peak at ovulation. Some of us will feel more self-confident, others will yearn for renewal. Take advantage of this good energy to plan projects or put your ideas into action. 🤓


3.The attractiveness: During the ovulation period, our hormones increase our ability to communicate with others and express our ideas. Our estrogens are at their peak and we feel more motivated than ever. It's time to show what you can do. 🔥


4.Creativity: It's said that during and after ovulation some of us have the ability to increase our visual creativity! 😮So whether photography, video, design, painting or furniture renovation is your thing, thank your body and get to work!


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